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If you don't have a map, how do you know where you are going?

The SuccessMap

Gives You Clarity

The SuccessMap is unique to MetaRecruit. It is an original document created for every position we manage. We interview the hiring manager to capture essential information for success in the role including the challenges and the quantitative and qualitative measures for success. The document communicates a vision of success.

Displays Commitment

It takes time and commitment from a hiring manager to engage with us to complete a SuccessMap. When they do, we have captured what they believe is essential for success in the job. The SuccessMap demonstrates the hiring company’s investment in successfully finding and on-boarding the right person for their role.


You are being asked to make a life decision based on two or three, one hour conversations, mostly driven by people who are assessing your fit. The SuccessMap is a valuable document, bringing respect for your time and experience by providing you with the information you need to make an educated decision. 

Case study...

Ray Noble is an excellent example of the candidate experience with MetaRecruit. We were recruiting a managing director for our client Southtrade International. When we initially talked to Ray he wasn’t very sure about the role. By engaging him in a career coaching conversation rather than an immediate interview, we committed to Ray that we would not put him under any pressure to proceed post this conversation. Through that conversation Ray articulated what was important to him. The things he enjoyed doing and was good at and the areas of growth that were important to him. The more we listened the more Ray came to realise that the opportunity we presented was definitely interesting. The SuccessMap presented the detail he needed and in a format that was easy to read. Ray was offered the role and has led the business through considerable growth and success.

Some comments about the SuccessMap...

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