The SuccessMap

To succeed you must first define what success looks like!

The SuccessMap - It's totally unique

The SuccessMap captures the essentials of the position, selling your company and the available position to the right people. Our experienced consultants ask the right questions to capture your knowledge and insights, creating a document that converts passive candidates into enthusiastic applicants.

Listen to the insights from one of our customers...

Case Study

We met Tony Stubley and his business partner David Higgins at a critical time in their business. They were experiencing significant growth and they needed to recruit a sizeable team including a new managing director. Tony had never experienced the SuccessMapping process. As we worked with him he was able to download his thoughts, his concerns and his hopes for this position. For Tony & David the recruitment of a new managing director was more than filling a role. They wanted someone special who would take the company into the future while preserving the legacy that Tony and David had created. The SuccessMap was a critical customer experience that gave both of them the opportunity to articulate what was important and how they imagined success would unfold over time. 

How the SuccessMap helps you

Our customers tell us the SuccessMap helps them to develop clarity around what they really need. The SuccessMap enables you to breathe life into the position by creating a dynamic document. When the SuccessMap is combined with a position description the two documents give applicants an authentic vision for the job and future of the role. This inspires, excites and motivates the right people for the job. 

Saves you time

Targeting people who can deliver on what has been articulated in the SuccessMap is key. The right people for the job, fully briefed and thoroughly interviewed before you meet them. The quality is higher and risk of a bad recruitment decision is dramatically reduced. That saves you a lot of time. 

Creates focus

Customers tell us that the SuccessMapping process gives them greater clarity and focus at the very beginning of the recruitment process. SuccessMapping brings into the conscious mind that which often sits in “gut feel” or “I will know it when I see it.” 

Reduces risk

Articulating what success looks like improves targeting, reduces time and attracts high calibre people. It creates a framework and a context to the interview. These elements improve the quality of the interview which reduces risk when it comes to  a hiring decision.  

Some of the benefits of the SuccessMap

Separates you from the competition

In the "War For Talent" first impressions count. The SuccessMap creates an immediate positive first impression. Top talent are not looking for a job. They are looking for growth, challenge, a constructive culture and an understanding of how their contribution will make a difference. This is all laid out in the SuccessMap.

It's a rolling forecast for a job

A completed SuccessMap doubles as an on the job development document that need only be updated. You are now equipped with a tool that can be used to communicate the expectations of this position over time.

It's a review document

With a SuccessMap you now have a plan and a review document that drives employee feedback and tracks achievement. It's excellent for those first 100 day reviews and much more.

Focuses on the quantitative and the qualitative

Success can't always be measured through KPI's and numbers in a spreadsheet. There are always qualitative signals that precede measurable results. That is what makes the SuccessMap a powerful working document.


Book a SuccessMap now

We can do a SuccessMap for a variety of roles as the SuccessMap is an excellent tool to set expectations in a new, existing or restructured position.
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