Resume Tips: Make Your Resume Work for You


Welcome to Part 1 of our Resume Tips Series.

Your resume has an important job to do. It is often a company’s introduction to you and your career history.  To help you make a good first impression. The team here at MetaRecruit have pulled together a series of helpful guides so you can get the most from your resume. 

Your resume is like a store window

Your resume must attract attention with its presentation and content. Just like a store window attracts your attention with items that appeal to you, your resume must present you in a way which will appeal to the hiring company, in the form of directly relevant experience and skills. 

Be relevant, specific and clear

To maximise your chances of moving forward in the hiring process, apply for roles where you fit the requirements in the job ad or job description. The content in a job ad or job description is often written to hone in on non-negotiable requirements of the role. If you structure your resume content specifically to these ‘must haves’ of the role, you will set yourself above others who provide only general skills and experience. 

And be relevant by reducing or removing experience that isn’t going to add value to your application for the role you are applying to.

Presenting relevant, specific and clear information on how you are a fit for the role will make it easier for a hirer to rule you in, rather than rule you out.  Remember hiring companies really want to find someone great for their role. They are open to hearing how you are that person – ensure your resume communicates it specifically and clearly. 

Be succinct

You may have several years of work experience, however your resume shouldn’t be a detailed capture of all your roles. You will have built a career that has grown and developed with each role.  As your experience has evolved, so should your resume. 

Avoid duplicating skills that may overlap from one role to another. To do this, read through your various roles and remove any skills you have covered over more than once. If you have mastered a skill in one role, it’s clear to the hiring company that you would have used this skill in roles that follow.  

Be kind to yourself

You may think that the more roles you apply for, the greater your chances of success. In fact, applying for roles where you aren’t a good fit will most likely lead to rejection.  This could lead to disappointment, added stress and eat away at your confidence. And it definitely eats away at your time.

Look after yourself by spending less time applying for large numbers of irrelevant roles with an un-targeted resume or skill fit. Instead spend more time on higher quality and fewer applications for roles where you know you are a great candidate.

This is the first in our series of Resume Tips. Next up… Resume Essentials.  where


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