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Senior Project Manager

North Sydney Location

When it comes to job advertising, writing a job blog instead of an advertisement is probably a bit different. This blog shares those details that are not always in a job ad. Consider this blog a job review written for the active and passive job seeker. We are sharing our experience of the customer, why we think they are a great company to work for and why we think the job is something that will interest a candidate with the right skill set.


Please take time to look at the job video we created for Sheldon. It will give you a feel for who they are and the job that is available. When you apply through our job listings page you will get a full position description. 

About Sheldon
This position is for a Senior Project Manager with Sheldon Commercial Interiors located in North Sydney. Sheldon is a design and construct business specialising in office designs and fitouts. This addition to the project management team is being driven by business growth.  
During our meeting with Sheldon they shared with us their business needs, the challenges in the position and their vision for the applicant’s future success. We met their hiring manager, the HR manager and we also met the entire leadership team. This immediately told us how committed Sheldon were to finding the right person for their business and how important this role is for their company. 
Culture Insight

The moment we walked into their reception we knew we had arrived at a business that walked the talk. From the pinball machines to the pool table and the caravan (complete with beach theme), we knew we were in a different environment. Having spent quite a few months working from home I have to say getting out there again and walking into such a fun environment really energised and excited me. I love hanging out in a fun space working with a team of people who are open and friendly. If this is important to you then I think you are going to love this business. 

The Sheldon team are focused and they are doing some serious work and yet they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously. Their work is demanding, precise and a constant moving feast of changing priorities and they never lose sight of the end game which is happy customers. Did you know there is a correlation between happy customers and a happy workforce and that one feeds the other? Sheldon does.  

About you

Sheldon wants someone with office design and construct experience. You need to be able to prove you have worked with designers, salespeople and customers to deliver projects on time and on budget. You need to be able to manage multiple projects of varying size and complexity You need to play well with others, give feedback and receive it. You need to be someone that will learn the “Sheldon Way” as they have a series of interconnected systems and workflows designed to be more efficient. This means spending the time to learn how the dots are linked before you make recommendations for improvements. Finally you need to have a “presence” with customers that creates trust and converts them into Sheldon advocates. There is lots more to discover about the details of the position and that is provided through our MetaRecruit job page. If you click on the “Learn More” button you will find a job description and an easy apply process. 

The agreement between MetaPeople and Sheldon Commercial Interiors.

Metapeople through our MetaRecruit service have an exclusive contractual agreement with Sheldon which means they will not be working with other recruitment businesses. This means we are their recruitment agents acting on their behalf so we can be more transparent with information. Transparency of information allows you to make an informed choice even before you apply. For applicants that make it to the interview stage you will receive a position description and our unique MetaPeople SuccessMap. The SuccessMap will help you understand what success looks like in the position over a 24-month time horizon. 



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