About MetaRecruit

A MetaPeople Product

Christian Harper Founder & MD

Christian brings over 5,000 hours of coaching and 20+ years of recruitment experience specialising in the logistics, FMCG and Manufacturing industries. He is accredited in LSI, OCI and OEI systems and well as Myers Briggs and DISC.  Christian has a Grad. Dip in Counselling and training in existential counselling. This experience enables him to get to the crux of what a company needs from a candidate and what a candidate needs to enjoy what they do. 

Christian is passionate about setting people up for success and has developed several products that facilitate success in the hiring process including The SuccessMap, which provides transparency to candidates on the challenges in the role and the Personal Inventory which helps to identify candidate motivations for their next role.

MetaRecruit’s purpose is to  drive job retention by connecting great people to great companies. The combined recruitment and coaching service provided by MetaRecruit  is a game-changer in the recruitment industry.

Our Approach is...



Specific, accountable & aligned.


Understanding what you want & need. 


The right people for the job. 


We deliver on our promise. 

A holistic approach targeted to people in the work environment,
their careers and the choices they make

3 separate sites designed for you

MetaPeople is our corporate offering. We created MetaRecruit and MetaLearn to offer a market specialisation for recruitment and for the individual who wishes to invest in their career and ongoing development. MetaPeople continues to offer services to our corporate clients covering management and leadership development, outplacement and consulting in strategic execution and cultural change.

MetaRecruit is our dedicated recruitment service. We partner with companies who value a recruitment experience that is positive, transparent and targeted. We believe there is an emerging need for businesses to engage a premium recruitment service to attract the calibre of people they want. We know that candidates prefer to consult with a recruitment service that takes their needs into consideration. The MetaRecruit service does both.

We have created MetaLearn to better support individuals who are committed to their career, self-direction and lifelong growth and development. Today’s world is changing rapidly and with it so too are careers. Now more than ever people are seeking support to better manage their career choices, job changes, soft skills development (particularly people managers) and to routinely plan for ongoing career success. This is why MetaLearn exists.  

A note to...

Our customers

We believe that people are the competitive advantage of a business. We know that when people work together great things can happen. That is what we call Great Work at Work. Everyday things done really well. We know that it comes from having the right people, doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time. 

Hiring great people is a mission critical job. It’s an opportunity to enrich your culture with new ideas, experience and enthusiasm. It’s an opportunity to hire someone great who will set your business apart from your competition. Recruitment is an opportunity to promote your business well, so that you attract great people. We know that hiring can involve risk and that can creates uncertainty. This is why we have taken recruitment to a new level. Talk to us today.

The job seeker

We believe that you have the opportunity to enjoy what you do and and be great at it. You have the power to shape your life, to grow and develop all the way to your retirement. Work is part of what gives us purpose and meaning to our lives. What you do and how you do it contributes to the quality of your life. You are the CEO of you. When you chose your employer, chose one who values you. Manage your choices wisely. We know that a bad choice can have negative consequences. We know that when you are going through the process of changing jobs that it involves risk and uncertainty. That is why we recruit in a more holistic way. If you want to take steps to be the CEO of you, we have created another website dedicated to your development, www.metalearn.com.au

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