Outsource Your Recruitment

Recruitment creates a choice

Do it yourself

When you have the resources and the skills this may be a viable option. But it does not always guarantee complete market coverage. Can you confidently say you have seen the best in market?

Use our MetaRecruit Service

A partnership using our MetaRecruit service will increase quality of options and ensure full market coverage.

When you partner with MetaRecruit we become...

Your agent

You get an experienced and committed consultant, who understands your business needs. We build a talent pool exclusively for your role. You get the leverage that comes from someone fighting for you and your businesses, to seek out people who are going to help your business succeed.

Your ambassador

You get a brand ambassador who represents your company in the marketplace. We represent your employer brand and your company mission, values and goals. We become an extension of your business in the frontline of the "war for talent".

Your competitive advantage

High achievers have choice. They are in demand and they know it. We become your competitive advantage through the calibre of our consultants and the way we represent you in the marketplace. Our campaign approach, the SuccessMap and our thoroughness at interview all create a positive candidate experience that sets you apart from your competition.

Don't take our word for it...

Case Study...

Introducing David Higgins. David was one of two originating founders a Southtrade International. Southtrade is a sales/marketing and distribution business of on trend liquor brands. Having secured the sole distribution rights for Southern Comfort, the business turnover was increasing substantially. David was looking for a recruiting partner who could understand his business’s needs. Over a 3.5 years, we provided a dedicated service, recruiting a range of roles from Managing Director, Sales Director, Marketing Director and their direct reports. We developed a partnership based on ‘total confidence’ supporting the the business to grow and prosper.

Case study...

Ray was presented in a shortlist to the Southtrade board for the role of MD. The process we undertook was typical of how we work. It started with creating a SuccessMap (unique to MetaPeople). This guided decision makers to articulate what success in the position would look like over time. This process made conscious, those essentials of the role that otherwise remained unidentified, a “gut instinct”. The SuccessMap’s transparency built immediate interest and engagement from people who were not actively looking for a new role. Years of coaching experience enabled us to engage Ray in a career conversation not a recruitment interview. That facilitated trust, it helped Ray determine what was right for him and that resulted in Ray securing the position with Southtrade. We then helped Ray build a leadership team and then managed his HR function for 3.5 years during a period +100% growth.  

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