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SuccessMap - the best briefing document

Have you ever been interviewed for a role and you weren't really sure of the role requirements? With Metarecruit you will receive a SuccessMap of the position. Why do we call it a Success Map? Because it is a full briefing document that highlights what success looks like in the position, created with the hiring manager's vision on how the position will evolve over time. This is so much more informative than a position description.

Exclusivity & Contractually Retained

When you apply for a position through our MetaRecruit service you have the confidence that our client has signed an agreement that guarantees exclusivity. That means every role we promote is real. This enables us to be transparent with the information you need to make an informed choice. This is done through the SuccessMap and our conversations during an interview. This translates to a better experience for you.

Quality experience

People matter. We believe transparency of information enables you to make an informed decision. We know that no one likes being ghosted that's why we keep you informed. We believe that your time is valuable and having a solid interview that bring out the best in you, builds confidence. Having a hiring company who commits exclusively to us and no other recruiter facilitates transparency of information and enables us to invest time with you. That is what makes the MetaRecruit service a quality experience.

Our promise to you...


Your reputation is important. We respect that. Your conversations and your information is confidential until you give us permission to share it with our customer. When it comes to your resume and your information, you are in control. 


A SuccessMap is developed for every role we work on. With transparency at its core, it is an in-depth Position Description and a Development Plan built on challenges, opportunities and growth in the role. The SuccessMap equips you with the information you need to prepare for the next steps in the hiring process. 


All the jobs we advertise are real. We have role exclusivity agreements with our customers and that means we are the only recruiter working on the role. This means a better experience for you where your MetaRecruit consultant is able to better manage communications, feedback and updates throughout the hiring process. 

It's your career - Enjoy What You Do

Changing jobs, getting a new job and changing a career can be challenging. That is why MetaPeople provides a variety of services to help you get your career on track and keep it growing and healthy. 

Resume Assist

Your resume must do an amazing job for you. It is a tender document that will win you an income for the next several years. It will help you secure more first interviews and perform better in an interview.

Achievement Writer

Writing key achievements about yourself can be really challenging. Achievement writer is a coaching service designed to help you write key achievements so that they are compelling for the reader.

Interview Practice

This is a real interview simulation. Practice with an experienced consultant who can put you through your paces and give you feedback in the moment. It will help you prepare for the real event.


If you have ever experienced a redundancy or been out of work Outplacement is an excellent service to help you mobilise into productive action.

Your Career Manager

Life is short - Enjoy what you do. Your career manager can help you keep your career on track and help you identify what must be in your job for you to be happy and successful.

The Personal Inventory

Articulating what must be in a job for you to be happy and successful is a critical first step when targeting a new position. The Personal Inventory is an excellent tool designed to facilitate this.

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