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Attracting great people

needs a professional approach

The SuccessMap

Unique to MetaPeople, the SuccessMapping process delivers structure and clarity on what success looks like in the job. It’s a deep dive into the roles’ challenges and growth opportunities. It  is your Employee Value Proposition and sells your role to in-demand talent.  Through the information it shares, high achievers can see the role is real and how it brings value to your business. 

Campaign Approach

Covering the market is more than advertising on the many available job boards. Recruitment done well includes considerable targeting through networking, use of social media and leveraging word of mouth. That’s how we deliver the right person for the job. 


Transparency of information goes a long way to building trusting relationships in those early stages of the hiring process. One of the many factors we manage in our recruitment process is risk management for both the applicant and hiring company.

When you need someone who will…

Be resilient

You are presented with people who have right attitude and the evidence to prove they can deliver what you need.

Deliver results

Your shortlist are people with a proven track record of achievements that are aligned to the challenges in your company.

Play well with others

It's not just about what people do, it's also about how they do it. Your shortlist are people who have the right attitude, a strong achievement drive and a solid cultural fit.

Our Guarantee

Interviewed twice

All shortlisted candidates have been screened and interviewed before they are presented. The interview is competency & behavioural based and is conducted by an experience professional with substantial business, recruitment and life experience.

Scored +80% or higher

Any shortlisted candidate is rated against the criteria in the SuccessMap. They are assessed in terms of risk and affordability. Shortlisted candidates hit a sweet spot that ensures success. We interview for competencies and behaviours. We assess achievements and their evidence base. We review industry experience, transferable skills and values fit.

You have choice

Each shortlist will have 2-4 candidates that are in their own right a strong fit for the role. You'll wish you could take more than one.

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